Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Some super-duper happy news

Just had to post some non-stamping news... 'cause I just have to tell everyone. I'm DONE wearing BRACES! Yippee! I went to the orthodontist this morning and he said it was time to take 'em off. Woo hoo! Happy, happy, joy, joy!!!

Oh and my orthodontist gives out goody bags full of candy after they take off the braces. Which I thought was nice but also slightly odd. Yea, NO braces! Okay, I'm done jumping up and down with joy... at least for now. :)


  1. hee hee... you realize he wants you to keep coming back for some reason, hence the candy! lol! an evil dentist plot!

    Congrats on the new smile!

  2. I wore braces many moons ago and I still remember how excited I was when it was time to get them off! Congrats...

  3. Congrats on getting the braces off! I remember this day very well:)

  4. Enjoy that candy! sure to post a picture for us with your NEW smile! Good luck!


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