Saturday, December 15, 2007

Where, Oh Where Have I Been?

Well, actually I haven't gone anywhere... well, except for almost every home improvement store in town! My brother and dad made the trek down to my house to install some cabinets in my garage and to shop for gifts and tools (and more tools). Which meant I had to clean my garage, wrap Christmas gifts (no peeking!), grocery shop and blah blah blah before they arrived on Friday afternoon. So I've been a busy bee getting all those tasks done and haven't had hardly any time to craft. But, I have some fun pictures of my new garage cabinets to share (and soon I'll have some pics of a crafty project that is in the works!).

Some assembly required: my dad and big bro Jon actually built these cabinets from scratch. Ain't it nice having a couple of woodworkers in the family? Btw, these cabinets are quite a bit larger than they look in the pictures. For some reason my garage makes 'em look small.

All together, but not quite level: the cabinets are actually all screwed together... they are not going anywhere. There are four cabinets in total, two with drawers and two with just doors. The middle section is just a piece of countertop and the opening underneath is where the kitty litter boxes go (ewww... stinky poo, so must stay out in the garage). The final shimming and leveling of the cabinets had to wait until we'd done some shopping and picked up a bigger level. Apparently my little torpedo level wasn't big (aka manly) enough to do the job.

Still need more storage space?: well let's add a ledge that runs the full length of the back wall. Also good for kitties to sunbath on during the summer. Note the organization of my garage stuff... I didn't do that. Yup, they were quite proud of the shelf (which they should be) and had to put some stuff on it to display their craftiness (err... I actually meant "handiwork"). he he

Wait, there is more!: the one side of the garage was looking quite bare so we had to pick up some pegboard and put that up. I got a big 4' x 8' sheet, a piece of which has been cut and set aside for the future remodeling of my craft room (can't wait). They (again my brother and dad) had to decorate the "tree" and hang some items on the new pegboard wall. Oh course while they were decorating their tree I finally got around to decorating my tree. It has been up for a couple of weeks with only the lights on... it's prelit too (he he he).

Well, I am off to do some more work on my current project. Talk to you all later! Oh, and have a great weekend... the weather forecast is calling for 6-12 inches of snow for my area... ick!

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