Thursday, March 13, 2008

TLC158: Who's De Boss? And What's that Smell?

I had to try my hand at the Vellum Debossing Challenge that was posted last week on Split Coast Stampers. I don't usually participate in this type of challenge but I had a whole package of vellum cardstock sitting on my craft table that was crying out to be used. Actually more like whimpering since it had been neglected for a very long time. :)

For details on how to deboss click the link in the above paragraph. Although I did deviate from the instructions in that I colored the image with markers before debossing (kind of a mistake but I like how it turned out). The rest of the card should be self-explanatory, but if not shoot me a message.

All images copyright Stampin' Up!. Stamps: Time For You, Rough Texture wheel. Paper: Old Olive, Chocolate Chip, River Rock, Bashful Blue, Vellum cardstock. Ink: Black StazOn, River Rock Classic, Pixie Pink marker, Chocolate Chip marker, More Mustard marker, Regal Rose marker, Old Olive marker. Other: vintage brads, stylus, River Rock double-stitched ribbon, Old Olive poly-twill ribbon, Stampin' dimensionals.

Okay, now that I have bribed you with a really pretty card maybe someone can help me with a rather... ummm... stinky situation I need to deal with. Does anyone know of any humane methods to convince the neighborhood cat to quit using my flowerbed as a litter box? You know the flower bed that is right outside my bedroom window. The one that now produces a rather unpleasant smell whenever the sun shines or the temperature rises beyond freezing (luckily isn't often at the moment since I live in MI). A smell so strong that it actually penetrates through the little tiny cracks around the window and filters into my bedroom. And then ambushes me as I walk into my bedroom all sleepy and ready for some good zzzzsss. Gag! A smell that had me sniffing every nook and cranny of my room trying to figure out where it was coming from. And then after several weeks of investigative work (how I know the weather outside was a factor) and a melting of snow around said flower bed I finally find the proof of what I have been smelling... outside... in multiple places... right next to my window... NASTY! Needless to say I am asking myself why I decided to redo my flower bed last summer, because apparently all I managed to do was create a super deluxe kitty box. Ick... so any suggestions would be appreciated!


  1. After you clean out the flower bed sprinkle mothballs around the edges. If you can stand the smell of them until the cat gives up and chooses another bathroom, you can remove them later.

  2. Your card is amazing! I love vellum anyway but this is just WOW!!

    Oh and for the kitty problem... When my kids were little I used to sprinkle (well more like dump!) chili powder in their sandbox. The cats seemed to hate the smell and stayed out of it. Worth a try!

  3. You could plant some cat nip some place far.far.far. away from your bedroom window and use the moth ball idea which I have also heard works. Cats also do not like lavender flowers so plant some in the summer. Hope something works for you.
    Retired Heather

  4. Your card is WONDERFUL!

    The cats...a nice be-be gun might be in order! Ha! JK! Not a cat lover, can you tell?

    I've heard the moth balls idea, but if you can catch the cat in the act and pour water on the cat several times, they'll learn and go away. A nice talk with the owner sometimes helps, too.

  5. Wauw waht a beautiful card. I love your bike.

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  7. I used mothballs also and it seemed to do the trick. Good luck!!

  8. Hello! Fabulous cards! I've heard the mothball trick too. I've used tinfoil in the past and that worked. Cat's hate to step on tinfoil. You might have to weigh it down with a rock.

  9. So cute! I'm debating getting this set, darn.
    About that cat, someone beat me to the bb gun solution, lol! Hope you get rid of it soon.

  10. Supercute card! Hope your cat problem is solved soon!

  11. Your card is awesome. I am a cat owner and I would hate it if my cat did this to someone. Of course, I don't know how I could prevent him from doing it when he is accustomed to being an indoor/outdoor cat. I would try the chili powder and if there is any way you could watch for him and sound a loud horn whenever he enters the flower bed, that would make him afraid to come to the bed at all. Easier said than done. Good luck! ~jill g.~


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