Friday, June 29, 2012

Crafty Organization: Bazzill Cardstock Swatches


Hi Crafty Friends -

I thought it would be handy to have a little booklet with samples of the new Bazzill Card Shoppe cardstock and listings of the markers/inks that match.  Of course that meant I needed to spend a little time designing some swatch tags and then assembling them.  Here is a picture of the completed swatch book: 


I do still need to work on matching ink pads, but since I usually stamp in black and then color having matching inks wasn’t a high priority.  I did add a few Distress Inks, like below:


How I created the swatches:

  • I started by designing the tags and then printing them on white cardstock.  You can download a PDF of the tags (six per page) I created HERE.  After printing use a trimmer to cut out the tags.
  • Then I printed the cardstock colors on clear address labels.  I’ve uploaded a PDF of that document HERE.  If you would like to use smaller return labels you can use the PDF HERE instead. Note: I added “Bazzill Card Shoppe” below each color as I plan on creating swatches for other brands of cardstock that I have in my collection. 
  • Next I cut 2 1/2” wide by 2” high pieces from each color of cardstock.  I added the clear labels to each piece and trimmed off the excess (the labels a touch wider (2 5/8”) than the cardstock sample)
  • Attach cardstock samples to the tag base.
  • Color and label the boxes with your matching inks and markers.  The top 3 boxes were designed to be stamped with ink and the labeled boxes to be colored in with markers.
  • Punch a small hole at the top of the tag and add the tags to a binding ring (you can find these in office supply stores).

And to make things easier, here are the markers that I thought coordinated best with the cardstock:

  Distress marker: Barn Door
  Copic markers: R32, R43, R46
Wax Lips:
  Distress marker: Fired Brick
  Copic markers: R22, R24, R29
  Distress marker: Worn Lipstick
  Copic markers: R81, R85, R89
Candy Hearts:
  Distress markers: Spun Sugar, Worn Lipstick
  Copic markers: R21, R43
Cotton Candy:
  Distress marker: Spun Sugar
  Copic markers: RV21, RV13, RV14
Candy Corn:
  Distress marker: Spiced Marmalade
  Copic markers: YR16, YR18
Circus Peanuts:
  Distress marker: Spiced Marmalade
  Copic markers: YR00, YR16, YR18
Gold Coins:
  Distress marker: Wild Honey
  Copic markers: YR21, YR23, YR27
Banana Split:
  Distress marker: Wild Honey
  Copic markers: Y32, Y35, Y38
Sour Lemon:
  Distress marker: Mustard Seed
  Copic markers: Y21, Y26
  Distress marker: Forest Moss
  Copic markers: YG61, YG63, YG67
Easter Grass:
  Distress marker: Peeled Paint
  Copic markers: YG00, YG13, YG17
Juicy Pear:
  Distress marker: Shabby Shutter*
  Copic markers: YG21, YG23, YG25
* I’ll admit that this is not the best match…
  Distress marker: Pine Needles
  Copic markers: BG32, BG49
Candy Necklace:
  Distress marker: Tumbled Glass
  Copic markers: BG10, BG32, BG49
Robin’s Egg:
  Distress marker: Tumbled Glass
  Copic markers: BG11, BG15, BG18
  Distress marker: Chipped Sapphire
  Copic markers: B32, B34, B39
  Distress marker: Chipped Sapphire
  Copic markers: B93, B97, B99
Icy Mint:
  Distress marker: Stormy Sky
  Copic markers: B52, B34
Jelly Bean:
  Distress marker: Dusty Concord
  Copic markers: BV01, BV04, BV08
Gummy Bear:
  Distress marker: Dusty Concord
  Copic markers: V12, V17
Rock Candy:
  Distress marker: Pumice Stone
  Copic markers: W3, W6, W8
  Distress marker: Pumice Stone
  Copic markers: W2, W4, W8
Candy Bar:
  Distress marker: – no match
  Copic markers: E44, E47, E49
Peanut Cluster:
  Distress marker: Old Paper
  Copic markers: E40, E42, E44

Notes: I have quite a few of the Copic markers but not every single color so there could be better matches. I had more difficulty matching the Distress markers since there are a limited number of colors, especially with the greens. Distress markers have a selection of greens that are… I guess *Earthy* would be the best term, whereas the Bazzill Card Shoppe greens are very bright and eye-popping. So those are definitely not the closest matches out there. ;) Also, with the coordinating Copic marker lists I bolded and italicized the marker that was closet match to the cardstock.

I hope you found this info useful!  Leave a comment letting me know if you did. I may just share more of my organization tips if you are interested.

P.S. You can find all of the Bazzill cardstock in the Ribbon Carousel shop HERE.


  1. Super Clever and VERY helpful! Thank you.

  2. Love this blog post girl!! :D I'm loving that you listed the colors separately too! :D

  3. Hey! Great tutorial! Where's the link to the RC for the Bazzill, donkey?!

  4. What a great idea!!
    I'll be testing out the suggestions, I have 216 copics so I should find some matches lol
    The Card Shoppe type of cardstock has some awesome colors!!


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