Friday, July 13, 2012

Crafty Organization: Baker’s Twine and Buttons


Hello Crafty Friends!

I thought I would share a few more organization ideas that I have.  In particular I wanted to share a pretty area of my crafting room: my sewing desk!  I love this area because not only is it functional but I just enjoy looking at it.  The rainbow of colors makes my heart pitter patter. 


This desk is where I do all of my sewing so I decided to put all of my sewing related embellishments in the same area.  And it looks pretty… so if I’m not feeling inspired I can just stare at it.  Heh heh.

First off is the desk shelf.  This is an idea that I had for quite some time so I finally sketched out what I wanted and had my dad build it for me.  I’ve been debating painting it white but haven’t fully sold myself on the idea of doing so.  I kind of like the somewhat rustic feel that it has right now.


On the shelves I am storing oodles of buttons and baker’s twines.  The buttons on the left are in clear cases that came with the small wood mounted stamp sets that Stampin’ Up! sells.  I don’t have enough of these cases so I’m keeping my eyes open for something similar since I love buttons and couldn’t resist ordering some additional colors from My Favorite Things earlier this month.  The new buttons are in the bags on the top right shelf. 

I also have one glass jar filled with wooden buttons.  I originally used these jars for all of my buttons but they were heavy and didn’t stack well.  I like the clear plastic boxes much more.


On another shelf I have my full spools of baker’s twine (some are Divine Twine and some are from The Twinery).  And I’m so excited that there are three new colors of divine twine.  Sooner or later I will add ‘em to my collection.


Sitting on top of the shelf is a wooden rack for holding spools of thread.  On here I have my collection of vintage seam binding and additional colors of baker’s twine stored on wooden spools.  Next to the rack is a glass vase with some Silky Crushed ribbon (May Arts).  I didn’t have a spot for it so I just stuffed it into the vase.  I’m sure I’ll change that at some point. :)


Finally, I use return address mailing labels on the end of each spool to identify the color. If you cut the labels in half they are the perfect size. You can get both the spools and the vintage seam binding at the Ribbon Carousel.

That is it for my organization ideas today.  I’ll be back in a few hours with a crafty card to share. :)


  1. love how you are storing your buttons, I think I might need to pinch that idea :)

  2. Great ideas. So nice of your dad too! The colors are so inspiring.

  3. LOVE your organization! I agree the colors are inspiring and all of your ideas are awesome! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. I wish you had a follow by email button.. as I don't want to miss one of your amazing posts.. :)


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