Saturday, December 15, 2012

Holiday Décor 2012: Garland for the Tree

What do you get when you combine 500+ small wooden beads, Distress Stains by Ranger, heavy duty jute and a lot of patience?  New garland for the Christmas tree. :)

I’ve wanted to make my own garland using wood beads for quite some time and I finally finished yesterday.  Just in time.  Barely.


I purchased a bunch of wood beads in various shapes, ranging from 3/8” long to 7/8”.  There are a handful of smaller round beads that I already had.

First I stained each bead using a bunch of different Distress Stains. One by one.  This is were the patience comes into play. ;) I wore cheap gloves that I could change between colors since I didn’t want the colors transferring from one bead to the next.

Colors used: Fired Brick, Faded Jeans, Peacock Feathers, Picked Raspberry, Dusty Concord, Peeled Paint, Spiced Marmalade, Mustard Seed, Gathered Twigs and Tarnished Brass.

Next I spray painted the beads with Rust-oleom 2x Cover Clear Gloss.  I layered the beads on an old cookie sheet and then spray painted (I needed to do two batches).  Once dry to the touch I just loosened the beads from the pan and mixed them around a bit before coating again.  I repeated this process a couple more times before I was happy with the result. Some beads just sucked the paint right up and never achieved a shine but I was more concerned with sealing the color in then making them extra glossy.

Note: my pan started to become sticky after a while so I added a parchment paper layer between the beads and the pan and that worked wonderfully.

Finally to assemble the garland I cut 8’ lengths of heavy duty jute; the kind you can find at hardware stores.  I threaded the beads on, adding knots as I went (after every fourth bead).  I wanted some looseness to the garland and the knots kept the beads from all piling up at one end of the jute.  Tip: use a bit of tape on the ends of the jute to make it easy to thread the beads.

I ended up with exactly five strands of garland and only two extra beads.  Kind of amazing that it worked out that evenly.


Hope you enjoyed this non-stampy project.  I have another Holiday Décor project that I need to share soon :)  I was working on a third one… but it was an epic failure (bad spray paint, bad!) and my fourth project is not done yet and might not be for this year. ;)

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  1. What a fun project! And turned out so cute .... you'll be enjoying those for years to come. I love projects like that! :)


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