Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Poll results: Favorite card accent

The results are in (although they may be a bit biased since there were only six votes)... the winner with a great majority of the votes (66%) is Ribbon. Ribbon really got out there and campaigned which paid off in the end with a huge lead over all other contenders. Brads and Paper Piercing fought fiercely but ended up tied for second. Sadly Buttons couldn't even pull off a single vote but maybe next year he will spend more time smoozing with the voters instead of getting lost in the laundry when his threads fall apart.

The final results:
1. Ribbon (4 votes, 66%)
2. Brads (1 vote, 16%)
2. Paper Piercing (1 vote, 16%)
4. Buttons (0 votes, 0%)

Next up will be a poll on the controversial issue of... colors. What color family gets you going? Is it the gentle softness of Soft Subtles, the jewel tones of Rich Regals, the down-to-earth feeling of Earth Elements, the eye-popping boldness of Bold Brights or the keen fashion sense of the new In Colors?

It is now up to you to support your favorite color family and vote. They are depending on you!

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