Sunday, June 7, 2009

Crocheted Flowers Q&A

Hi crafty peeps!

I've had a couple questions on the crocheted flowers that I have been using on my cards lately and thought I would take a couple of minutes and answer them for all of you! :)

Do I have a pattern to share?
I've actually been using a couple of great patterns I found on the internet (sample flowers shown in picture). I started with this great How-To pattern on CraftStylish by Linda Permann and the pink flowers in the bottom row were made with it. Then just a few days ago the amazing Nicole Heady posted a Pattern and Step by Step Tutorial on her blog Capture the Moment. Her pattern creates a very cute double layered five petal flower that is the perfect size! Needless to say I've been using that pattern too! I used it to make the three flowers in the top row.

Is it easy to learn how to crochet the flowers?
I'll be honest - if I didn't already know the basic crochet stitches I would have been a bit frustrated. As it was it took a couple of tries with each pattern before I was happy with the final result! If you know the basic stitches I would say making the flowers will be easy. However if you have never crocheted before I would recommend picking up a book from your local craft store that shows the basic steps and then play a bit. Also, it is easier to learn with regular yarn than crochet yarn (itty bitty stitches). BTW - yarn packaging usually lists what size of crochet hook to use with it so I would make sure when practicing that I had that size of hook. ;)

Hope that helps! Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions! I'll be back tomorrow morning with a card that uses one of the crocheted flowers created using Nicole's pattern.


  1. Well I'm LOVING all those flowers you have been using....I may just need to learn this craft too ;)
    Thanks for sharing all that info Danielle!


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