Saturday, December 14, 2013

Dictionary Ornaments for the Tree

Hello everyone -

Every year I tree to create something new for my Christmas d├ęcor and this year is the second year that my mom and I have gotten together over Thanksgiving to create a set of ornaments. Last year we made some cute snowman and this year I thought it would be neat to cover glass ornaments with dictionary paper and then embellish. It was messy and at times I questioned whether they would turn out how I envisioned but I love the final result. And they really didn’t take that long, we finished in one day, it just took me two weeks to put up my tree so I could take a few pictures. Lol.


We both ended up with 10 ornaments – 4 flat ones (pictured above) and 6 round ones (pictured below). My mom actually made an additional 10 ornaments later.


Here is a peek at the process I used to decorate the ornaments:


First, cut up a bunch of pages from a dictionary. I used a rotary cutter and a self healing mat to create a big pile of pieces in just a few minutes (well I started the process and then delegated to my mom). Next using an adhesive/sealer and a foam brush I covered each of the ornaments with the dictionary paper (take the tops off the ornaments first). This was MESSY and it took me about 15 minutes to wash off the many layers of adhesive that ended up on my hands.


Then paint each ornament with Distress Paints. I used Spun Sugar, Scattered Straw, Broken China, Rusty Hinge, Crushed Olive, and Evergreen Bough for the round ornaments. I used Picket Fence on the four flat ornaments. I used a very thin coat of the paint so that the dictionary paper would show through. Again, very messy, as I would use my fingers to smear the paint around to get better coverage (although I would leave a little spot here and there bare).


For the next step I applied a coating of the adhesive/sealer over the entire ornament and covered with Clear Rock Candy Distress Stickles glitter (this is a finer grain glitter). I had to do this step fast as the adhesive/sealer was dried quickly when applied over the painted surface.


For the flat ornaments, instead of completely coating with glitter I added circles of Glossy Accents here and there and added Clear Rock Candy Distress Glitter (the chunkier glitter).

Here are all of the completed ornaments after they have been embellished with ribbon, spruce branches (cut using the Tattered Pinecone die and painted with Picket Fence or Brushed Pewter Distress Paint), and felt flowers (also cut using the Tattered Pinecone die):


No flowers on the flat ornaments, although I debated adding some shiny rhinestones here and there. In the end I decided to leave them as they are.


And lastly, here are some additional pictures of the ornaments as they hang on my Christmas tree:


Can really see the Brushed Pewter on the die cut twigs in this picture.


And here is a good shot of the dots of Glossy Accents coated with Clear Rock Candy Distress Glitter. Very subtle but neat when you notice it.


The felt flowers on the round ornaments add a ton of texture and for these ones I used Picket Fence on the twigs. If you are curious, I used a Bow Easy to tie all of the bows and on the round ornaments I doubled the loops.


Here is a close up of the ornament I painted with Scattered Straw Distress Paint. Love this pretty color.

So what do you think? Love to hear your thoughts on this project. :)

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